Explanation of Scanning Prices

Below is a list of our current scanning costs. Our pricing is based on the number of "areas" of the body that need to be scanned. The MRI scanner can only take images from a limited amount of the body in a single scanning session. If for example your referral required us to scan your entire spine, we would have to scan your upper and lower spine in two different sessions and then combine the data. This means we need to run (and charge for) two scans. This also applies when you need both shoulders or both knees scanned as we need to scan them separately. Sometimes areas are relatively close together and we can cover them in overlapping scans ("adjacent areas")- here the scan session is longer than a single scan but shorter than two areas, so we only charge for 1.5 scans.


Single area £325.00
Adjacent areas (1.5 areas) £487.50
Two areas £650.00
Three areas £975.00

Referrers requiring more detailed pricing infromation can click here.

MRI of Spine